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History and Aims
To provide a home since 1995 for those Jungian analysts whose organisations had left the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) in order to join the British Confederation of Psychotherapists (BCP). (This later changed its name to the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).)
To provide a platform for Jungian interaction and activity across all the four (now five) International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) organisations in London. It was felt that the ‘umbrella’ group of all the IAAP organisations worked well at a formal level but did not do much in the way of integrated activities.
To put on a range of conferences and lectures of wide appeal so as to make this second aim a reality. In particular, CAP’s offerings contribute from a Jungian perspective to the understanding of cultural society, politics, the arts and religion. These events are interesting, stimulating, challenging and convivial. CAP members attend at reduced rates. See Conferences and Lectures tab for current and past events.
To enable Jungian psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists to join with Jungian analysts in one organisation. This was not possible before the formation of CAP. Everyone in CAP is on an equal footing.
CAP today

CAP is very much a members’ organisation and is open to development in response to members’ initiatives. It has a very different atmosphere and way of going about things from the traditional training bodies.

One benefit of membership is that CAP members are entitled to attend the triennial Congresses held by the International Association for Analytical Psychology, which was started with Jung’s personal approval in 1955. The next Congress (a hybrid event) will take place in Buenos Aires between 28th August 2022 and 2nd September 2022.  See: https://iaap.org/conferences/xxii-international-congress-for-analytical-psychology/

Who may join?

We have around 125 members of whom 45 register via CAP with UKCP

Any existing member of UKCP who meets certain criteria may register via CAP provided they take some simple steps to obtain their UKCP registration through us.
Any member of BPC who meets the criteria may join.
The criteria are to have had 240 hours of Jungian analysis and 100 hours of Jungian supervision. Usually, but not always, these hours will have been with IAAP analysts.
Anyone who meets those criteria may join CAP as a Professional Member without registering with UKCP.
Any mental health professional (e.g. psychotherapist, counsellor, clinical/counselling psychologist, arts therapist) who meets the criteria may join.
Students, trainees and candidates may join as Associate Members.

Currently, the annual Professional Membership fee for CAP is £25.
The Associate Membership fee is £10.
The rate for Retired from practice members is £5.
If you do wish to register with UKCP via CAP, their annual membership fee is £261.