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Dangerous Method conference

Private showing and conference discussion of David Cronenberg's film about Spielrein, Jung and Freud shown to coincide with the film’s launch in the UK.

4th Andrew Samuels Lecture

Jerome Bernstein Lecture

Co-sponsored by Ecopsychology UK, Guild of Pastoral Psychology,
The Film 'Avatar' and Borderland Consciousness:
An Emergent Myth of Our Time

Dreaming the Work Onwards

James Barrett and Judith Anderson introduce:
The use of the methods of energy psychology in Analytical Psychology
Dreaming Matrix, seminar and experiential workshop

JUNG AND FILM – series of events at Museum of London led by Christopher Hauke and Helena Bassil-Morozow

Museum of London 150 London Wall, London, United Kingdom

Following the success of CAP’s conferences on Jung and film and on the movie A Dangerous Method, we are responding to suggestions from members and offering a short series of seminars on this theme. Each of the four seminars will last for a half day (approximately four hours) on Saturdays. The first of these is...


5th biennial Andrew Samuels Lecture

This unique and innovative conference is the first to openly celebrate the fact that Humanistic Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis have many features in common. For example, the idea that all elements in a dream are part of the dreamer’s personality or psyche is found in Fritz Perls and also in Jung. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Jung’s ideas about individuation have similarities. One could go on and on about it.

Creativity and Madness

JW3 Centre in Finchley Road 341-351 Finchley Road, London, United Kingdom

Confederation for Analytical Psychology is delighted to announce its new series of seminars in collaboration with the JW3 Centre in NW3. JUNG AND FILM 2015: Creativity and Madness CHRISTOPHER HAUKE and HELENA BASSIL-MOROZOW plus Guest Presenter Gottfried M Heuer in July 2015 15th February 2015 - Edward Scissorhands 26th April 2015 - The Horse Whisperer 5th...

The only chance to hear Roger Brooke in London

Resource for London 356 Holloway Road, London, United Kingdom

The conference is offered as the 7th biennial Andrew Samuels Lecture. Andrew was the founder chair of CAP which is an Organisational Member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.
Part 1: Jung and phenomenology revisited
Part 2: The warrior's return: combat experience and the requirements for homecoming